Friday, June 22, 2007

The invocation continues...

The verses presented below, succeed the praising hymn (Shuklam baradaram Vishnum) that was analyzed in my foremost blog. (If you're going to read it for the first time, please do read the comments as well, because it's incomplete without the comments.) Well I spent days together trying to find meanings for the verses below. With my limited available resources (as yet) on Sanskrit and on the Vishnu Sahasranama, I’ve been able to compile only the holistic meanings. Request readers to render light onto the essence of individual words…

Invocation continues:

“VyAsam VasishthanapthAram, Shakthya poutramakalmasham,
ParAsharAthmajam vande, ShukathAtham tapOnidhim”

I bow before you Vyasa,
The great grand son of Vasishta (one of the Saptarishis / Brahmarishis)
The grand son of Shakthi, (the divine mother of all)
The son of Parashara.
And the father of Shuka,
(But who is Vyasa?)

“VyAsaya VishNu roopaya, VyAsa roopaya VishNave,
NamO vai Brahma nidhaye, VAsishtAya namO namaha”

I bow before you,
Vyasa who is VishNu,
Vishnu who is Vyasa,
And again bow before,
He, who is born,
In the family of Vasishta.

“avikArAya ShuddhAya, NityAya ParamAtmane,
sadaika roopa roopaya, VishNave sarva JishNave”

Bow I before Vishnu
Who is pure,
Who is not affected,
Who is permanent,
Who is the ultimate truth.
And He who wins over,
All the mortals in this world.

“Yasya smaraNa mAthreNa, Janma SamsAra bandhanAth.
Vimuchayate Namas tasmai , VishNave Prabha VishNave

OM namO VishNave Prabha VishNave”

I bow before Him,
The all-powerful Vishnu,
The mere thought of whom.
Releases one forever,
Of the ties of birth and life.

Bow I before the all powerful Vishnu!

The invocation does not end here. What follows is the conversation between Yudhishtira and Bheeshma Pitamaha, which further paves path to the Sahasranamas of the Almighty…

Please feel free to contribute your knowledge on the above, perhaps I could compile them into a special post. :-)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

My Birdie!

Mid March: I happened to spend a fortnight at a dear friend's place in Chicago, IL – a city whose name invariably echoes as “Windy City”, and certainly should! It is said that the fierce velocity of wind here could have a car be “Gone with the wind”! The volume of the gust is so bewildering that one could easily mistake it for a trumpet of an elephant; for the whistle of a train; or to the creepy noise of the unknown! Gushhhhhh….!

A gala time it was, performing every literal ritual that’s supposed to comprise a vacation… {Fast Forward} Right from waking up at sharp 12 noon - to - watching Will Smith’s mind blowing performance in “Pursuit of Happyness” - to - dinners and binges - to - gulping down shots of vodka until reaching the “I’m not think as you drunk I am!” mode - to - driving all the way to Wisconsin State in the mid of the night to play Bingo & Poker in a Casino! - back to - waking up sharp at 12 noon! Phew! {/Fast Forward}

Amidst all the high energy activities, I loved taking retreat in the balcony of the cozy 1st Floor Apartment. In front of it was this bare & bald tree at 2 arms distance, which housed a tiny nest that belonged to a tinier bird… a Dove, who I fondly refer to as “My Birdie” :-)

(a pic I found on the net, that resembled my birdie)

My Birdie had 2 little-ones-to-be that she lovingly protected, persistently giving them the luxury of her warmth. She unfailingly couched on the nest, refusing to move even during bitter subzero temperatures, or at the command of the intimidating Chicago wind! The weather once tested her perseverance through a snow storm; her nest filled with snow to bury her neck. Her eyes showed pain and feathers seemed to shrink in the cold; but her motherly instincts never gave in. She fought every odd of fate, ignoring her own self, as if the purpose of her existence was to safeguard her kids. In no time I began to feel concerned about her; I’d often check if she was doing well and would include her in my prayers.

My birdie had brought me to recollect the myriad sacred moments with my mother. Her tender love when I needed, her selfless giving even if it required sacrificing her own desires, her passionate protection and caring; ego not withstanding…!! It would send a chill down my spine when I also recollected that I had disregarded her or was indifferent to her at times… Wonder if everyone does that, but still doesn’t call for such nonchalance from me. I soon began making frequent calls to my mother, and fervently thinking about ways to keep her safe and happy. Affectionately, I sent her a Mother’s Day card hoping that it would instill faith in her that I am thinking about her well being. No matter what!

I wish my birdie could understand human language so I could tell her “Thank you and Happy Mothers Day!” This is the best I could do to immortalize my sweet li’l Birdie - the selfless and caring; yet inconspicuous soul that she is!

This is the least I could do to epitomize the unconditional love of a mother - the quintessential and magnanimous; yet so inadequately appreciated ‘wonder drug’ that it is!